Lily Cup

Only ₱1,800
Total Comfort and Protection
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Lily Cup Compact

Only ₱1,800
The world’s first collapsible menstrual cup can go everywhere you can
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Ziggy Cup

Only ₱2,400
Yes, mess-free period sex is possible
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Lily Cup One

Only ₱1,600
The Ultimate Menstrual Cup for Beginners
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There’s a better way to manage your period

We know that a woman’s intimate health requires special attention and care. As the world’s only completely inclusive intimate wellness brand, we are committed to providing practical, elegant, and safe solutions to everyday intimate health challenges, giving women the very best in intimate care.
Intimina’s Menstrual Care line, the first of its kind, is a line of products that offer you the confidence, hygiene and comfort that you need during your period. Made from body-safe silicone, our reusable menstrual cups are tested for quality, durability, and safety. They make your period a breeze, ensuring comfort even during heavy flow days.

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